Paypal Screws Americans As Well As Our Economy

Here is another form in which Paypal screws Americans as well as our economy!

I am in the business of selling a device known as an electronic cigarette. We also manufacture Liquids for these e-cigs which are Organic, Kosher, and use 100% Natural flavoring.  The majority of these liquids come from China.

For those who are "haters" of smoke, please know that this device simply gives the user a small amount of nicotine and there are absolutely no bad smells or secondhand smoke!  Actually if you are a "hater" of smoking, if all smokers used this unit, our world would be a cleaner and better smelling place!!!  Prior to judging the item or act, please understand it a little.

Anyways, I did not come here to peddle.  Paypal (USA) bans any American to sell electronic cigarettes, however they have no problem whatsoever in letting people in the UK, other parts or Europe and China sell electronic cigarettes and accept paypal as a form of payment.  While I have my credit card processor and do not need paypal, there are a lot of individuals just trying to make an honest living by selling these items.  So if a company such as paypal decides not to allow a certain item to be sold via it's vendors, shouldn't that be worldwide?

 What I am getting at is this:  If an American wants to buy electronic cigarettes and wants to use paypal, then they can only buy from a Chinese or European Company.  Either way the consumer is getting the product so if you are going to allow it to be "shipped" to the USA, then that should include US sellers as well.  Otherwise you should simply ban shipments from other Countries as well when using paypal for this product.

 So if an American and a Chinese person both have the same idea in opening an online store selling these items, guess who wins?  China!  Who gets screwed? The American!  So there is another Chinese person getting wealthier while another American has to apply for unemployment and they both want to sell, the same item and ship the same item to the same country!!!

The logic behind this just boggles my mind!!!  This is simply one scenario with one industry and it involves selling an item that has no legal issues (such as drugs,etc)  It is an item that can be bought at any mall in the USA, however for the average Joe who doesn't have 5K in starting up a little kiosk, forget it!  He is not even given a chance!  He is spit on and forgotten!!!

This is simply another example of a huge corporation that became huge by Americans and turned around to screw Americans you know where!!!

It will take time but eventually Paypal will suffer and when that day comes!!!  Party at my place!!!

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