PayPal Screwed Me Bad

So before i went to paypal i saw your website... i asked them about it they said that people who did everything wrong got pissed and made a site. So i was like i can understand that so i asked him how to protect my self as a seller and he told me all the ways.
I ended up selling some mtg cards for around 5000 and i got the funds released and i spent it all on stuff for my "new" store. Well 1 week later the person i sold the stuff to says that he didnt get what he paid for that the items were not as described. He says i sold him cards worth 60 dollars i was like WTFFFFF so off to paypal we go.
So we end up feuding for like 2 months i win every time.  I was like oh yeah life is good, then he gets a police report and i automatically lose....what the fuck how is that i call them and say what is going on. "Well, sir he got a police report showing that u didnt send the right items" uhhhhh its been 4 months he could of easily of showed different cards i mean come on. "Well, sir that would be defrauding the police and its hard" What the fuck are you talking about, so ur saying that i can go buy something for 5G and go to the police and show them a rock and say hey look i got this rock for 5g so can i make a police report.  So all the fighting broke up when she hung up on me.
2 weeks later i get some bullshit cards in the mail and i call again, same shit happens so now im out of 6grand and the cards too, but before i got off the phone with the lady i told her FUCK PAYPAL, AND IM NOT PAYING YOU A FUCKING DIME BITCH.  I am not usually rude but i am just pissed off

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