PayPal Scammed Me


Firstly let me begin by  informing people that paypal act as the paying agent between  the buyer to the sellers or vise versa, so now LISTEN VERY CAREFULLY  AS I SHALL OPENLY TELL YOU  WHAT YOU WILL INSTANTLY BE TOLD IF YOUR MONEY SHALL VANISH FROM YOUR ACCOUNT. I am the buyer who purchased a product from a company  called JAIDE CLOTHING with whom i found a dress i liked so i `sent them an email to check if  they had another size  from their store. they replied with yes and  i could click on the viewing page and they would automatically send me the size i was requesting. they were forwarding me an invoice number immediately they received money from paypal. this is where the story gets interesting cos after 4 weeks i didnt receive the item so i emailed the seller of which they reassured me the item had been shipped . I contacted paypal by ringing them and they told me the seller had not been paid as the account pending. i never had pending before as like always ,paypal take charge in paying these sellers once they receive my account. i was confused so i asked the paypal spokesperson what this 'pending" means and they then told me i had 4 days to pay this money as not received. Of course i was immediately taken aback as i said what ! 'Where is my money then' as i paid for the item via my visa as usual, so please explain exactly who is responsible for this fraudulent action of MONIES TAKEN WITHOUT KNOWLEDGE. Paypal kept saying you spent the money.  This i was denying  completely cos if i put this money in and paypal had listed 'PENDING ' without any email to advise me of this  and now i asked  'So why havent  i recieved any email  to inform me and why have you not given me a stike against my name as would normally happen if not paid'. Their response was again' check your account to view your purchases cos we did not pay the seller nor did we recieve any monies.'  I contacted the seller again of which now they finally ADMIT THE ITEM WAS SENT BUT NO MONIES RECIEVED AND WOULD BE NEEDED UPON THE RECIEVED ITEM .  How stupid is this cos at no stage would any seller send any item without any payment and this would mean paypal  had recieved my money and withheld somewhere  but they were quick to accuse me of spending this money  cos that is the simple solution. NO  NOT AT ALL WAS I GOING TO ACEPT THIS.  I contacted ebay who say they have opened a case on this matter  and i hope this is resloved  immediately  cos i am so annoyed by the whole process of brushoff and denial. SO I NOW SHALL NAME AND SHAME  COS BUYERS BEWARE AND DONT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY  CALLED JAIDE CLOTHING  BASED IN CANADA AND TO SIMPLY  WATCH AND BEWARE  INCASE PAYPAL SHOULD  INFLICT THIS BULLSHIT TREATMENT  SEEING THEY ACT AS THE  PAYER BETWEEN TWO PARTIES AND WITHOLD MY MONEY  TIL THE TRANSACTION SHOULD BE COMPLETE.  WHO IS THE LIER AND THE THIEF IN THIS CASE? NO-ONE WILL BE STRAIGHT UP  BUT I WONT GIVE UP  COS I AM NOT PARTING WITH ANY HARD EARNED MONEY TO PEOPLE LIKE THIS. TAKE NOTE AND REMEMBER  COS TRUST IS SOMETHNG  SO VERY  FEW THESE DAYS  COS  SO MANY SCAMMERS  LIVING OFF THE BACKS OF  PEOPLE LIKE YOU AND I.

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