Paypal Says I am Too Risky


Paypal says that I'm risky and is trying to close my account after thousands of satisfied buyers on ebay where I'm a top rated seller w/ 99.7%. I recently got a good amount of payments from scammers where 90% of the items weren't shipped. Paypal blames me for getting these payments, eventhough my only paypal payments are generated from eBay buyers. Also every single payment is "confirmed" and half of the buyers are "verified." I'm already on a 30K reserve since late 2008. I understand If I'm taking payments from my own website, but I'm taking payments from ebay buyers as a result of winning my auctions. so now my account is limited and I have to once again fax information about my company. I went through the same grilling about 4 years ago where I had to send taxes, invoice, supplier info. Now, I just noticed they said my money will be held for 180 days... Suit already filed, and just waiting for Monday morning to serve their registered agent in NY. Should I still even bother sending info on my company or just push back with my suit and wait?

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