Paypal Reversed Payment And Limited Account


I used a paypal account for a month or so without issues one day I transferred 800.00 to my checking account. The transaction showed as completed and they reversed it and limited my account. My account as of two days ago obviously cannot be used, they aren’t giving me a reason. They say I need a subpoena to find out. they have 887.00 of my money I have had no complaints or chargebacks. I assume it is because I applied for a paypal buy it now pay later account for which they found out I have bad credit. They say I now have to wait 6 months in case of any chargebacks they alerted my buyers who now are freaked out. They basically are ruining my seat cover business and Im certain they will target my ebay account next. In any case Im going to follow through with my sales and then once I send them all that they are asking for Im closing my cards and bank account so they dont play any games with that. After that Im going to go with a clean slate to small claims court to attempt to win a trial to get my money back. These people are causing me to have no money for the rest of the month and so I have to keep going for 20 days without funds. They suck bigtime

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