Paypal Requesting University Enrollment Confirmation

I had been using Paypal for small transactions that never bothered me. Recently I transferred 2000 dollars into my paypal account to make a transaction and to save me some interest money.  They blocked my account and are asking for all kinds of documents to prove my identity. I went ahead and sent them all my doccuments, proof of age card, passport, Confirmation of enrollment in university etc. Took two weeks for the whole process, all the while my 2000 dollars has been frozen there and set me back by two weeks already for an important transaction. 
Now I receive a mail asking for further letters from my university asking me for my tuition fees apparently. WHich I have never received before from my uni. I think this is absolutely unreasonable and they are trying to hold on to the money as long as they can. Just like bankers do with our money. They hold it and invest with it as short term cash flow, while the customers have to be mucked around a couple weeks until all this paperwork is finally processed and accepted. Absolute BULLSHIT!


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