Paypal Pulled Funds Out Of My Bank Account


I sold a very rare record for a good price to a buyer in Russia who used PayPal because I was short of funds after Christmas. I was sent a supposedly verified address from PayPal to use for shipping. Not being familiar with International Shipping I copied the address exactly. Two weeks later the buyer opened a case against me saying they never received the item. With no notice from PayPal they pulled the funds from my bank account to reimburse the buyer since I had no funds in my PayPal account at the time. This caused a series of non-sufficient funds charges to be levied against me from my Bank and others totaling over $100. After my own independent investigation into the matter it was discovered that the buyer had her phone number as the second line of her address that PayPal had provided me with and thus the address was no good. After hours of complaining about this PP eventually refunded me for the price the buyer had paid for the item but not the fees that I was charged by my bank and others. I felt totally betrayed by all involved.

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