Paypal Promised To Help But Screwed Me Over


A fraud was perpetrated in my E-Bay auction. Now, the perpetrator has the item (boots) & the money as well. On 10-30-12, I listed E-Bay auction (Item # ______). I included a "no returns" condition. The buyer/perpetrator won the auction. When my PP account had been credited for the purchase, I shipped the boots Priority Mail (upgraded shipping from what she paid for). I purchased the shipping label through E-Bay & PP. The buyer confirmed she received the boots in a message thru E-Bay saying that the boots were great, but hat they did not fit her well.  She asked how I was "going to handle it." I said that the listing stated, no returns. We had a few E-Bay message exchanges. In one the buyer implied that if I did not accept a return, she would impact my feedback & "good luck with any future selling on e-bay" .Buyer said she would open a case with e-bay. On 11-4-12 she opened (Case ID: _______). Buyer escalated the e-Bay case, but said in a message she had no problem with merchandise or it's quality. She objected to my no return policy.  On 11-13-12, E-bay decided case in my favor, stating that buyer was not entitled to a refund. After decision, PP released the $, & I transferred to my bank account. Then, buyer filed a charge back with her CC company. PP told me & said it would prepare a strong case for me. I sent PP item number, link to the message exchanges on e-bay, e-bay case number. I received a notice from PP (PP_______:Chargeback reversal) debiting my account in the amount of the purchase & saying I had a negative balance. The perpetrator now has the money & the item. I asked PP to help me in several customer service telephone conversations, but they knew nothing of the case. They did not prepare a case for me on the chargeback. In fact, PP did not bother to investigate this situation, did not take action to protect my sale, ignored the E-Bay case resolution that is in my favor & allowed someone to purposefully defraud me. I am left with no boots, no money, and my first negative feedback. Neither e-bay or Pay Pal will help.

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