PayPal Problem


To put it short, I will paste here what I told to my friends and they have adressed me to this site:

The case: My VISA credit card expired on August. Ok. So I went to my bank to renew it. 
Bank says: you dont need to, you can use an online card. So, I made this one. They say it works with Paypal. It's a Master Card type.

I add that card to my Paypal account with all the data. They say they send me a private code to my bank account. I go check it: it didnt arrive. I ask them to send again: doesnt arrive. Without this code, you cant link the card to your Paypal account.

I ask them to help me: all their help is useless and stupid. They never help. They keep saying "did you check your bank account and look for the code?" YEEEES DAMN IT, I DID!

So, it's December, and Im still waiting. 

What did I do: I added my normal and current VISA Electron card to my Paypal account. They send me the code: In 5 minutes, it was there. I add the code to link the card, it works!

So, the problem is, since the other card wasnt linked, they have restricted/limited my Paypal account. They also say I earned 2500Euro or more in 2011. I cant pay, I cant send money to anybody, I cant transfer my money to my bank: then WHY I need a Paypal account???.

So I asked them: please, send me again the code, or in the other hand, cancel and delete the Master Card card (because there's not the option to erase it now). The online help again is useless and stupid. They ask me to send them data I sent on August! I do again, and no response from them. I even sent them scan shots so they could see what happens, and no response again for a week. I have even threatened them I would cancel my Paypal account, but I cant because I have money in there but cant touch it.


Sorry for the cursing. (and my English)

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