Paypal Locked My Account And Demanded Money


I was a long time buyer and seller on ebay. I used paypal only because I thought it was safe. I sold a car stereo that was in like new condition and worked perfectly. The buyer recived it and used it in a show car he was building. He even sent me an e-mail praising the stereo and how he loved it. I left positive feedback for him and 2 days later he filed a claim with e-bay for an item not as described and non working, conveintly after his car show was over... I rebuttled and ebay gave him a refund as long as he shipped it back. Paypal also asked for my side of the story and I submitted it. In the mean time they froze my account and then removed the money from it to refund the buyer. When I got the stereo back all of the wires had been cut anc it had been either thrown or dropped from a high height. Paypal said they never got my account of the story, and thats why they refunded the buyer. I explained the condition of the stereo when it was returned to me and they said if I had submitted my account of the sale they would not have refunded the buyer but it was too late for that now. On top of all of that I had used 25.00 of the money the buyer had sent my paypal account to purchase an item on where else ebay. Paypal locked my account and then wanted the 25.00 repaid. I was young and stupid and said screw you and havent used paypal since. Now they want the 25.00, late fees and intrest in the amount of 735.00 !!! I hate these companys now. 

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