PayPal Kicked Me To The Curb


I can't believe Paypal!! I have used them for YEARS.  I am an honest, good credit person who has use this service for YEARS!! I went to order something several days ago and was informed that my Paypal account had been "limited".  Trying to contact someone there is almost impossible, but I finally got a call in and was told that they would review my case and let me know a FINAL answer in 24 hours.  THEY DENIED ME!!! I have NEVER given them any reason. I called and got some smug person who informed me that they did not have to give me a reason..  Do we now live in a communist country??? I am SO ANGRY!  I cannot believe they can treat HONEST customers this way.  If they are this way, the GOOD RIDDANCE!!! Has this happened to anyone else and did you get the same "NON ANSWER"?
I AM SO FRUSTRATED AND ANGRY !  It seems so unfair.

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