PayPal Keeps Locking My Account


Paypal keeps locking my account because they think they can predict the future of transaction problems they say might or could happen in the future. I have a 100% feedback rating. waited 93days for them to release my funds, they released hold for me to receive payments from my customers for 3 days. then send me another email saying i have to wait another 30days for review again before i can start receiving my money like a normal human being. THESE THIEFS/EXTORTIONISTS NEED TO BE STOPPED! They are playing with peoples  financial lifes. only a matter of time til somebody ends up getting hurt from being so disgruntled about Paypals policies.
YES - This service should be shut down!  I wouldnt doubt if the u.s.government secretly owns this service! it fits the description of how our goverment does business...

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