Paypal Keeps Hanging Up On Me


Well my complaint being that paypal is making refund a Person Twice, 5 Years ago I sold some stuff on ebay. A Person after receiving the item, complained that the Item didnt work damaged during shipment, and requested a refund through ebay. So I paid them the refund, and they never shipped the item back to me. The person also filed a claim through paypal, and they gave them their money back Putting my account in the negative. Now they are holding 110.00 dollars of my money that I recently deposited Hostage for the 45.00 from Five years ago. During 3.5 hours of telephone calls with them, I was hung up on twice, and they refused to give me a Manager. The manager would call me back within 24-48 hours, when I asked for the Address for the Corporate Office they hung up on me again. So for all of you that want the Address here it is.
Paypal Corporate Office
2211 North First Street
San Jose CA, 95131

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