PayPal Keep Freezing My Accounts


I joined paypal in 2001 it was just starting off to use on ebay it too was brand new.
i then built websites to sell herbal extracts and bulk herbs online to other vendors and to large herbal supply companies.
i mainly used paypal for my retail ,sales off the internet and for ebay purchases.
in 2009 they froze my accounts i had 2 of them one personal and one for business i also had another business that i sold VW parts on ebay and used another paypal address for they froze them all stating a violation of the end users agreement. Seems my herbal supply website violated their end user agreement. i sell Chinese herbs ,extracts and teas. nothing more , they also froze my ebay vw parts ione for the same reason i guess they didnt want vw carburetors sold it violated there end user agreement and also purchasing from ebay violated there end user agreement.  i called them up for an explanation , they requested a bunch of papers ie business lic. tax id and identification. all of which i gladly sent them.  They then reopened my personal account under the clause i cant use it on my websites. so i said ok . i used this personal account only for ebay purchases and sales.
they then froze my account again in 2010 for violation of the end user agreement and forbade my from opening another account they said i did a deal for my website and used paypal. this is ridiculous because at that time no PayPal was attached to any of my websites for at least 8-9 months i was using alert pay instead of paypal.
well i had been a customer since their inception basically and for the last 5 years my company moved 250,000.00 minimum thru paypal. that adds up to quite a bit in their coffers i would think in service fees etc. and they just freeze my accounts and ban me from using paypal and now ebay because i cannot remove any of my financial information from them. i think that is illegal too.

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