PayPal Is Trying To Trick Me

I'm an Ebay seller and recently sold an item for 5,000 USD. My buyer bought the item on October 27th but could not send money until October 31st because of problems with Paypal and their card. Now that my money has finally come in after being transferred for 3 days even though we both got messages saying that the 5,000 USD would be in my account October 31st. The money came in November 3rd and says that it has to be held for 21 days until i can actually use my money. I can somewhat understand this except that when i try and print a shipping label off of Paypal i get a message saying that due to my 0.00 USD available balance (Because you are holding my money) i can not print a shipping label?

I have called PayPal services twice and both times they told me to go to ups and ship it from there. I would be fine with that if you weren't only protecting the buyer and not the seller. I could easily ship the item and the buyer cancel their transfer since the money is yet to be in my account.

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