PayPal Is So Shady


I have been on ebay for around 6 years now and i decided to start up a small business account with paypal. after about 6 months, one day i went to release some funds and i noticed my account was limited. i called them up and they said there was fraudulent activity with my accounts.... nobody had hacked in to them but they started accusing me of fraudulent activity which was total lies... i had some funds in my account and they told me they would hold them for 6 months... i couldnt believe it. and i am banned for life not only that but my fiance went into his account which he rarely even uses only to find out that his account was limited now due to having a connection with me.... unbelievable.... i was just starting to do well for myself and then they shut me down.... soo here i am looking for help and assistance and i believe we should have other options too sell on ebay not just paypal for seller fees they are turning into the monopoly of internet payment sites.. it has to stop 

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