PayPal Is Preventing Me From Using Them


My problem with PayPal is that they are preventing me from using their service in the way that it was originally intended knowing that I am nothing more than a private individual who was planning on selling on eBay on at least a part time basis to help me make ends meet while looking for a job because I was trying to help out someone with a female problem, but did not trust them enough to send them any of my own money. Since that time PayPal has not only accused me of theft, but has also done everything that they could to prevent me from selling on eBay and has demanded that I pay them for a mistake that they made. This is outrageous to me because I have previously been scammed by people and have lost a lot of money due to criminal activity both online and offline and have been attempting to try to not only stay away from scams but to dig myself out of debt and do what I could to recover from the losses that I have already suffered due to criminal activity and scams.

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