PayPal Is Playing With My Money

Paypal has placed 21 day hold on my funds, as Seller I have 100% feedback score, never a chargeback, claim dispute or anything. I stopped selling (Aug 2011) and after 2 months received email from them saying the "freeze/hold" was lifted on my account. I began to sell again (Nov 2011), I was able to w/draw funds right away on the first and second item sold, then I received an email stating my account was BACK ON HOLD/FREEZE. So basically Paypal lured me back when they saw I stopped using them and then once I began to make money again, they placed a hold on my money. Also, I ran my shipping labels from Ebay and Paypal DID NOT w/draw the funds from my balance, they charged the shipping costs to my personal checking account. So I not only have my money frozen from the Buyer, but I have personally fronted the money to ship the item and have released the item to the Buyer, sitting here now with nothing. Customer Service has left me on "perma-hold", hung up on me and treated me like I've done a "naughty". I have 100% feedback score as a Seller, and have NEVER had a complaint, return or anything. I'm disgusted. I do this part time to make money as I am a single Mother of an Autistic child. I cannot afford for them to hold my money.

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