PayPal Is Not A Bank


It's not what they do, it's how they do it. I just got off the phone with paypal customer service regarding a hold on my paypal account. 1 rep dropped the call after hearing it was an ebay funds issue, the other tried to inform me that having my funds held was a *good thing*. Her supervisor made a good show of trying to free up some money for me, but was unable to do so, of course (I did not expect it, and did not ask for it, but like I said, it was a good show)... They have put The Freeze on my funds, and I can't access the needed cash to ship items. This is a problem, as the customer has paid for shipping, and I cannot access the funds which they have sent. I have to use my own. I have them, but what if I didn't: the customer would not understand the situation, as they feel (rightly) that they have paid for shipping. I wouldn't have a leg to stand on, and would be caught in vicious catch-22. Also, an item which I bought on paypal, is now being paid for though my checking account, and not my paypal balance. This, too, is fine, except that it is unexpected, and a change from previous procedure, so I had to send an email to the seller to advise him that the funds would be held. He was gracious, and understood about the hold, but what if he hadn't? I would have had to make alternate, time consuming arrangements, like I now have to do with shipping.
I'll tell you what I told them. While I do not agree with the hold, it would be fine, except that there was no warning. This took place on a Sunday, after my auctions had closed. If they were even able to advise me one week earlier that this would be taking place, I would have transferred funds to my paypal account, and not have had any problems with shipping or paying for the items that I have purchased. If I could have been warned that I was approaching a threshold of any sort, I would have prepared. My feedback is 100%. I have no buyer disputes. Therefore, since my ebay account has not changed, I see no reason for my paypal terms to have changed. What I am left with is a random, poorly communicated change to my account which inconveniences me, my buyers, and sellers who have sold to me.
Bottom line. paypal is not a bank. They don't have to act like a bank. They are really just a random third party to whom we have chosen to give our account information, and they have proven themselves unable to handle that information in a transparent, trustworthy manner. Don't use paypal if you will need the funds for anything, because a paypal balance is really only money to paypal.

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