PayPal Is Holding Refund


PayPal has been holding up my refund for six days as of the time my posting this comment. Totally unacceptable in my view, especially since when I buy an item anywhere, the funds are almost instantly deducted from my bank account. I went to store the other day and spent forty dollars, by the time I drove home half an hour later, the forty dollars was already deducted from my bank account. So......why does PayPal insist it takes 3 to 4 days (which obviously is a false and misleading statement) to transfer money back to my account. Easy .....they used the combined funds from idiots like me who used their services so they can invest in short term speculation on Wall Street to make money. Stop and think about it...if they held up thousands of transfers a day, such as my 1900 dollar refund they have been holding on to, essentially PayPal would have a "free source" of funding to invest in Wall Street. In this day and age of instant wire transfers, instant debit and credit card transactions, instant communications to anywhere on this planet.....there is absolutely NO EXCUSE for PayPal saying and practicing the policy of 3 to 4 day transfers, which again is an outright lie as I mentioned earlier.

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