PayPal Is Holding My Rent Money


I'm a single mother and due to an accident am out of work so for christmas I decided to sell my items on ebay, all was well until I sold a watch for 2200.00 wow! now I can pay bills (this was 12/21/11), when I went to withdraw out the money I was unable to.  I saw a email from pay pal stating that "due to taking money and not sending out product my account was being "frozen", "  I immediately called and asked the stupid question "Why", their response had nothing t do with what the email read.  I was told this was to "Get my Attention", I than was given the run-a-round.....when I finally got the person in charge of resolutions she told me that I should have read the fine print...and read me a piece from the or their contract, "pay pal may keep, hold you money for any reason they deem"... I told her If I know that I would have never signed up with pay pal...Her response, "You should have done that", and hung up on me!  to date still no $$$$ and bills way past due!  HELP!!!!

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