Paypal Is Holding Donations I Collected


I have a non-profit organization registered in Alberta, Canada under the Societies Act. It is called the Association for the Protection of Animals Cuba - Varadero. I was using PayPal to receive donations. Two days ago PayPal limited my account keeping $900.00 CAD that was recently donated. My Association work for Cuba and PayPal used an embargo law as a reason to limit my account and steal the money. I am a Canadian citizen and my organization is Canadian. American laws don't apply to me. I have sent numerous e-mails and phoned PayPal twice to no avail. They are both ignorant and arrogant, and there is no way of even discussing anything with them. They are right by a default. They say they can keep the money for 180 days and they don't have to explain anything to me. I intend to contact my MP and ask for help. PayPal is breaking law and feels immune to any consequences.

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