PayPal Is Borrowing My Money

I recently sold 2 things on ebay (I have been a member of ebay and paypal for years, with perfect feedback) They put a hold on receiving my money (for what i am told 21 days). After calling paypal they basically told me that their was nothing they could do until i receive positive feedback from the purchaser or wait the (21 days). So... I received positive feedback now, and still no money...
These rules get changed everyday on how they want to run their business and never inform their clients. What really irritates me is they are holding on to millions of dollars of people's money... Where is it?? I am sure they are making money on all the interest... What is the interested rate on $10 million a day? So is Paypal now a bank? Do they file the interest to the federal government? They are already collecting a percentage of every transaction, and how much more are they making off of everyone's money??

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