PayPal Is A Traitor Of USA


I had ordered two items from an american site known as ioffer and used PAYPAL to pay for the items totalling to 301 US$.
The sellers who were registered and users of Paypal stayted that they will ship authentic goods as advertised that were brand names.
However upon reciept of goods, I realized that though the site was an american compnay registered and operational from San jose California, the goods were shipped from China and that they were counterfeit items, a pait of shoes and a watch.
I had filed a resolution and claim with Paypal but one worth 77 USD despite it was a counterfeit pair of shoes, I was not refunded as Paypal with it's sham resolution investigations sided with the Chinese couhterfeit seller
The other, who also reconfirkmed that goods were authentic and with certificates of authencity sent me counterfeit items and  Paypal inbformed me that they had decided on my favour and to destroy the goods and send a fax as threy will refund. I had actually cut the 2 belts that were plastic fakes, and sent an affidavit as per Paypoal directive but they never refunded and now say they are investigating it! 70 US$ scammed
The other was a seller who contacted me via e-mail and offered a watch called an eternal day date and I orderd as no maker name given but a code # and the seller was also from a US provider but goods recieved from China and were counterfeit Patrk Philippe Watch! The about was 154 US$ but the watch was sent in  no working condition and without box. Paypal directed me to return the watch via a Tracking number available courier, to a third party and not to the seller in order that I may recieve refund. I asked for the 2500 Yen the return EMS Japan fee and many other messages where PAYPAL never bithered to reply but sent me several reminders to send them the retun post tracking number. I refused to do till I will be compensated for return postage. None were replied as Paypal dances to the tune of Chinese Counterfeit crininbal gangs as partners and defrauds US economy by billions of dollars, jobs and sending consumers defectrive and substandard goods.
Paypal is the Largest money laudering organization foir Chinese counterfeit sellers that are sponsered by the Chinese government
Paypal's refund policy is double standard as one case I was tokd to destroy the goods and then other case to retun the goods.
My position is that I cannot export the counterfeit watch as it is against Law of Japan to do so and it carries prison terms plus fines, as I have to submit a customs declaration of the goods exported.
Paypal not only sucks but are criminals in Us accord to the Lenham act, Title 18 part 1 section 113, US Code 2320!
A federal investigation has to be initiated to inquire the bilions of dollars of US$ sent to China by Paypal by promoting counterfeit sales.
PAYPAL is a Criminal organization and traitors of USA as they facilitate the Chinese counterfeit sellers who are not allowed to recieve the $ as Chinese Goverment recieves them and sellers get the Yuan, thus PAYPAL facilitayte Chinese goverment to recove US Dollars!

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