PayPal Is A Dictatorship


Paypal is a sad sad company.  I just got a notice that they are holding funds for 21 days on all payments to me for stuff I sell.  Keep in mind that I have a 100% positive feedback rating and have been buying and selling stuff on eBay since 1999.  I have never had a bad selling transaction - so why is my account under review?
eBay is starting to slow down from a company perspective, so they need more ways to make money.  It started with increasing fees and jamming everyone that uses their service.  Now it is about getting any interest available by holding your funds as long as possible.
I will be closing my account as soon as my funds clear.  How did I find this site?  By googling Paypal sucks because I was going to buy it and put up a website for people to post how much they hate the Paypal service.  It is a dictatorship.  

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