Paypal Helps Power Sellers Commit Fraud


I bought and paid for a notebook from America.  I received a card from Parcel Force to pay custom Duties on 14.9.11 at 11.36 am and paid it at 11.54 am.  On the same day, my notebook was not delivered as promised but I had suspected something was not right when the seller supplied 3 (THREE) false shipping tracking/shipping information and had warned Ebay about it as they supplied the false information to me.  In the evening about 7 pm Ebay replied to my complaint and said they needed time to respond to my complaint, yet 14 minutes later, they closed the complaint in favour of the seller who had told them that he had posted the item and that I had refused to pay the customs duties.  I think it is a trick used by the sellers and which Ebay tolerates when they are power sellers when they realise how much commissions and money they make out of them.
Now I have taken matters to the Small Claims court and Ebay/paypal is defending the case although Parcel Force have confirmed in writing that I did pay the custom duties on time but that they have never received the goods from America or the parcel is lost.  Now Ebay is lying through their teeth and I would like to publish all their defence to show how disingenuous both Ebay and Paypal is and whether it is the call centre in India or in Ireland, the assistants there even put their lies in writing.
Hopefully I would be able to publish it here as the Ebay watchdog site is not working and would not accept complaint as the link is broken.
I would appreciate any help from other users who have suffered at the hands of both Paypal and Ebay.  Their use of a tax heaven is Luxembourg is not only to avoid paying taxes to the British Government but also to evade court actions and claims against them.  They favour the power sellers as opposed to the victims of those fraudulent traders.

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