Paypal Helped Buyer Steal Car


Basically to make a long storey short.. I sold my car on ebay... The buyer paid a deposit on it through paypal for 50 percent of the sale, and then after test driving it and confirming there was nothing wrong with it.. He paid me the remainder by money order cashiers check. 3 days later he files a complaint through paypal saying "item wasn't as described" and escalates an immediate claim, after he basically trashed my car!  I respond and paypal STILL awards him his money back, and takes out of my bank, throwing it negative..and then now I am out the car and my money, cuz the bank draught he gave was a fake..and all the while he has my super modified tuner out on a total joyride.. And he totaled the car and then vanished. Paypal acknowledges none of this.. Despite the fraud charges I tried to file... And then due to my account being thrown negative, paypal ultimately shut it down, and barred me from their site.. Wow..where was sellers protection on that one?!  That was a $70,000 car.  I want some well due repayment, and want to be able to use their site to accept payments so I can auction off all my spare parts and crap from the now dead car..

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