Paypal Has Taken Money From Me


Paypal has taken money from me to give to someone who brought something from me they now have the item and the money back, they also have done random checks saying they are holding money from me aparently is something they do they have done this twice to me in one month, ebay is just as bad, they should advertise this, WHY NOT BUY SOMETHING ON EBAY THEN TELL US YOU HAVENT RECEIVED IT AND WE WILL GIVE YOU A REFUND, this is what ebay does i have many complaints about ebay and paypal but not enough time in my life to type it all out, my sister has been told by the police that when they hold money that isnt theres and refuse to give it back that is theft and she can have them reported, soon as she told paypal this they released her money so yes its damn right wrong and they are not allowed they have no right and it is theft there should be more police complaints.

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