PayPal Has MY $11000


I have been a seller on eBay since 2008 and recently became a top rated seller and of course been using Paypal. Recently, paypal restricted and limited my account claiming that my account is linked to an old Paypal account from 2005. I was told to provide photo id, invoices, supplier contact, and pay $300 that is owed from 2005. Then I received an email that the account was restored. But the next day, another email comes stating that the account is still limited. I uploaded all the documents that they required and sent a money order for $300 to their Omaha office using next day delivery. I spoke more than once to their agent and was told that the account will be restored by Friday. Guess what? Now they decided that the account should be restricted for good claiming I am in violation of user agreement policy. They are holding over $9,300 of my hard work earned money and will not release it for a 180 days. What the hell is up? In the mean time while this account was restricted, I used another account so I can continue selling. Guess what? That account is also restricted for good and has over $3,700. So what do you feel I should do? Thanks, I need all the help I can get. Please help! SOS

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