PayPal Goes After Charity


My daughter is a collector for various fundraisers, (designated as such by a group of her peers. PayPal has decided that she needs to get official letterhead signed by the organizations that the money went to; to prove that she actually gave the money to them. This information can be seen in her account since within minutes of the fundraiser campaign being completed she sends the money instantly to the charity whose name is right there for PayPal to see. In as much as I realize there could be many scams out there where people supposedly collect money for charities and it never gets to them, I understand the need for verification on this. What I don't understand is PayPal has now told her that her funds are frozen in her account and will NOT be released to her. If she can get the verification they requested (within 7 days),  I understand her funds will be released. Here is the part that makes me angry. She has on on-line business with The funds she currently has in her account are from her ETSY sales, all of which can be seen on PayPal. This is a very small amount of money but it is HER money. It has nothing to do with any fundraiser or anything else. It is from her business. According to PayPal they have every right to keep this and if she can not produce the evidence in 7 days she will lose it permanently. She is very new with this business and is devastated that they are keeping her money. How can they do this?  Angry MOM. ( By the way THANK YOU for this site!)

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