PayPal Customer Disservise


My letter to customer disservice: Paypal continues to fail at customer service. Your inadequacies began when Paypal allowed a seller to screw me out of $150 when the seller sent me a purchase which was NOT the item in the photos. I sent images of what I received and what they sent. What did Paypal do? Nothing, not a damn thing. You let them keep my money and what did I get? Well I received an auto part that I had to throw away. Thanks for nothing. I only use your service in quiet desperation. Integrity is a concept that Paypal knows nothing about. I work for a reputable company that has been in business for over 100 years. I can't believe your company has not had more litigation opposing your business practices. Now, much to my surprise, Paypal sticks it to me again. So now IF I use your service, I will not have access to the money. Well that just figures. Why on Earth would I want to use your services? Obvious you do not care about individuals. This note is an exercise in written ventilation therapy as it will once again receive no response. I am a customer dissatisfied and discourage as many people as I can meet about NOT using Paypal. Wish me luck?

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