Paypal CSR Screwed Me

I also after 8 years got my account limited and funds held for 180 by using advice I got from a paypal customer service rep!

let me start by saying

I have just under 4000 feedback 100% positive no Negative no Neutral
all my individual stars are 5/5 one is 4.9/5

no claims filed no one asking for money back, I ship same or next day

I was asking Paypal since I often sell items for family and friends that should the sales be going to their accounts or how do I explain that on my taxes since the money is not mine?
The rep said that I would need to put their paypal email in the listing so the payment would go to their accounts and they can claim it on their taxes, and its fine to list it on my user id.

OK great! someone in my family got their account "limited" and then 3 days later everyone that I sold stuff for even if it was 1 time months ago got limited including my paypal account, all together 5 accounts.
As an example My brother is in the Army and cant get on to sell items he doesn't need so I sold a pair of Military boots for him ( he had too many Gortex boots) and now his account is frozen!!! Nice paypal way to support out troops lol fucking idiots!

I can wait the 180 days thats fine I have Amazon and I have Moneybrookers and propay that are available to me but I used my paypal for EVERYTHING, paying bills and had their debit card and charged items on it and earned cash back from them.

this new CEO is an Asshole! 

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