PayPal Concerns


Not to be boring and give a "blow by blow" description, I cannot get $1,600 from PayPal after a week.  This according to what i have read is nothing, yet my money is important to me and I need it in my account, not with payPal, who I believe are holding the money for their own reasons.
1.  When I went onto PP, I was directed to "deposit funds", which I did as I wanted to buy items on ebay.
2.  I thought PP was using the deposited funds to pay for the items I purchased - they were simultaneously debiting my bank account.
3. To make sure I was covering my purchases I continued to deposit more funds.
4.  I had to wait four days for the funds to appear in my account

5. When I tried to withdraw the funds, I could not as my account was restricted.
6.  I sent the required information and as that was only yesterday, I am hoping I can withdraw my funds next week.

Meanwhile because I believe in ethical standards and honesty, I looked up a couple of websites and guess what I AM NOT THE ONLY PERSON with difficulties with PayPal.

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