PayPal Asked For My Customers Information


I have 100% positive feedback on ebay. I came across an investment, and like many others, decided to sell on ebay for profit. EVERY customer got their item, left positive feedback and everyone was happy.
Next thing we know, outta nowhere, here's paypal "your account has been limited-contact us immediately" Long story short, they wanted bill of sale for my purchase of inventory, and names and phone numbers of our customers. YES, the customers who had already paid by paypal, and had been processed through paypal. HELLO?! YOU processed the payments I received, you already know who they were, they are paypal clients! (Retarded much?) So, because we didn't provide them with THEIR clients personal info, we got put on a 6 month fund hold. We can't even buy on ebay anymore because as a limited account, you can't send money.
We contacted the BBB, and low and behold, now we have been permanently banned from paypal. PAYPAL SUX!

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