PayPal And eBay Drained Me


Back in June, I became sick, I had lots of items on ebay, and when I knew I had to go to hospital set the "vacation mode" on ebay, however this didnt work, and after 3 weeks, I was finally out of hospital and had over 900 orders to process, many of them was jewellery that I make myself, and takes quite a lot of time. So, I spent 3 days firstly emailing EVERYONE who place an order while in hospital to apologise for the error, and the delays, and will get the orders out ASAP or if they requested a refund, would issue one straight away , however they need to give me some time as I am still recovering from an operation. I received replies from only 4 buyers out of 900. over the following 6 weeks, I was getting on average 4 new cases opened each day, as this happened, I was marking these cases as priorities. Within the first week, paypal was holding $1700 of my money, and this kept increasing. I put a nice apology note on my ebay store, and removed all my items for sale that were hand made, this way I could still ship any stock I already had here, and concentrate on making the jewelllery for orders already created. By the end of the 2nd week, ebay restricted my account with "Your listing activity has been restricted to ensure a safe trading environment for you and the eBay Community, as well as confirm your use of the services meets the guidelines of the eBay User Agreement. I understand that this process may seem confusing, please allow me to explain a little more. We’re committed to reducing both fraud and negative buying experiences on eBay. To maintain a safe marketplace, we sometimes restrict selling activity, end active items, or suspend accounts until additional steps are taken. These actions are not necessarily meant to be a reflection of your account’s activity, but rather a preventative measure."  Within seconds, the remainder of my listings were removed by ebay,  and could therefore no longer sell. It was also coming up to the part of the month when fees become due to ebay, and with paypal having a hold on my money, knew I was unable to pay.  
All my items I had listed shipped with a tracking number within Australia, and as I had always done, I would upload the tracking number to ebay and paypal. As cases started to open, I would upload the tracking information to paypal in the resolution centre, and started to keep track of all shipments, and new it would only be a matter of time that buyers would close their cases. Little did I realise at the time, that although buyers are quick to open a case, they fail to go  back in and close the cases upon  receipt of their goods, I even contacted many of them requesting they close the case as their tracking information shows they received the parcel. – No response from buyers. Its quite pathetic, that I made every effort to ensure I had contact all buyers, and spent countless hours fulfilling their orders and getting them shipped as quickly as I could, even though the stuff up was not my fault, but a fault of ebay. I made contact with ebay, and they could not give me an answer. They claim that their “vacation mode” has never failed, and this is a first for complaints. Even when I confronted them about them restricting my account and told them I can prove that buyers have received their parcels. Their response was the same as in the email, like it was scripted: “These actions are not necessarily meant to be a reflection of your account’s activity, but rather a preventative measure” 
It felt like I was running around in circles trying to satisfy everyone. With the help of 5 family members, and a few friends, I was able to expediate the process of making my jewellery and getting all items shipped. Providing tracking numbers to customers, and paypal (as because my account was restricted in ebay, there was no longer any sales records of some of the orders made). 
It took me about 3 weeks in total to get all orders out, and about 4 weeks before I could see that all parcels delivered were received, so I figured it was just a matter of time before paypal started to close the cases against me by time out or investigation of tracking numbers, and then I could get pay my fees on ebay, and start over. 
I was wrong! Paypal started requesting “proof of postage” on all their shipments “To help us resolve this matter promptly, we request that you provide proof of shipping for the package associated with this claim. The documents should be faxed to PayPal at (02) 8223-9509. Include a cover sheet with
your fax that includes the email address registered on your PayPal account and the ID number of the claim PP-XXX-XXX-XXX-XXX so we may attach the document to the claim as quickly as possible. The proof of shipping should be a copy of the actual shipping label on the package that shows the
destination address and the shipping company’s stamp to verify the shipment date or a customs form or shipment invoice that displays these details. We must receive this information within the next 72 hours. If you do not reply to us within 72 hours, we will stop investigation on this claim and
find in favor of the buyer.”
So I called them to ask what they meant by a copy of the actual shipping label. They tell me the one that has the customer’s name and address printed on that is attached to the parcel we sent. My response “How am I supposed to get a copy of the label on the parcel that has been SENT and RECEIVED by the buyer?” Paypals response: “Send the buyer and email and asked them to make a copy of it for you.” :S my reply: “WHAT THE???? – I don’t get it, these buyers were contacted and notified of the mix up and delay in shipping their goods, and yet, rather than reply to an email with a simple – understood, or refund my money, they chose to open a case for their money back. Now according to the case history, its states that at the time this email was sent to me requesting information, the buyer received an email also, which could mean, that the content is the same, so they see that if the seller doesn’t respond with requested information within 72 hours, the buyer will get their money back, so they have their goods, and will get their money back, basically getting their items for free. – How many of these buyers do you think are going to provide me with a copy of the shipping label if they know they are automatically going to get their money back? How many buyers have kept the packaging once they open their parcel and find their goods inside also? This is ridiculous, I provided the tracking number, it shows its been delivered, so I have done what is outlined in the policy, why do you want to keep pushing to get blood out of a stone?” Paypal’s reply: “im sorry maam, but this is part of paypal’s policy, you need to provide proof of shipment” My reply: “Proof of shipment is a tracking number” Paypal “Proof of shipment in Australia is only a lodgement receipt, do you have this maam?” my reply “No I don’t, they way I post my parcels here in Australia is we buy online- with a tracking number, then drop the parcel in a letterbox.” Paypal: “Do you have a receipt of the online purchase maam?” My reply: “Yes and I have already uploaded a copy of the receipt to paypal which shows the customer’s name against the tracking number”  Paypal: “we are sorry maam, that information you have provided does not show the address it was delivered to, you need to provide proof of the address.”  The conversation goes on and on for about 45 minutes, with lots of questions asked, but no answers received. In the end, I was able to contact Australia Post, and they were able to lodge an inquiry to obtain a copy of the online label but was told it can take up to 10 working days. I was given a claim number, and added this information into the notes section of the case number requesting more time be given to allow for the label to be provided to me. 
So, 72 hours later, Paypal closes the case, and gives the money back to the customer. I call them again, tell them the situation, and the history of this particular case – and that I had requested more time while waiting for more information, I had done everything I could, and have kept Paypal informed of the situation, so why was the money refunded? I was told, that although they have the notes the in the history, and can see that Paypal has been authorised to make an inquiry in relation to the matter with Australia Post using claim number noted, but I didn’t CALL them and ASK for more time, so they chose in favour of the buyer. I was told to appeal the case, so I did, but still lost. 
I have many more, I dealt with this problem, fighting and in total lost around $2000 in money and goods as paypal continued to refund more buyers, even when providing shipping labels, still getting no response from emails, from June through to August, when I finally gave up trying to fight, and just left my paypal account lay dormant while paypal refund money to buyers, last time I checked, I had -$12.86 in my account with still 16 cases being investigated, that was around 28th August.  I don’t bother to log in anymore, as it is too depressing to see all those tracking numbers show  the parcels were delivered, and yet paypal gave so many buyers their money back. – My ebay fees are still overdue, and I am I still trying to recover financially and emotionally with this.

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