PayPal Aids In Theft

I am actually writing for a friend. I know first hand about the story of paypal screwing people as I am victim of their theft.

I don't know to sell on ebay, yes I know it is suppose to be simple but, a friend of mine wanted to help me with it. They had an account with excellent ratings both buying and selling. Things went well for a while until one day they wanted to sell something for themselves which was fine. Unfortunately, the item they sold was several thousands of dollars.

Well this "guy" swooped in at the last second and jumped the bid WAY up for a NON-WORKING item. It was stated so in the ebay ad repeatedly. He paid, got the item and thought all was well. But my friends had a funny feeling bout him and didn't touch the money for a few days. Turns out they were right. He contacted my friend and told him that he wanted his money back. Said it was too much money to spend for a non working item!! WELL DUHH!!! Can this guy read? Said so in the ad!!! Doesn't he know what he wants to spend on it either? Well seems that after he got it he wanted to return it for a FULL refund INCLUDING SHIPPING! This thing cost OVER $100.00 to ship one way. NOT!!! All this time my friends are talking to him, ebay and paypal. Ebay is on OUR side, doesnt matter I guess. He tried to ship back the item WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION and my friend refused it. They would have gotten screwed again by
BOTH paypal and ebay had they accepted it back. No he is claiming he wants to keep it now since they refused it and ALSO wants to keep the money too!! Go figure.

My friend and I tried to open a new ebay acct and bank acct to transfer ONLY MY money and items into but now Paypal NOT Ebay is illegally seizing and freezing that acct too. Seems that Paypal can just do what they want and we have NO LEGAL GROUNDS TO STOP THEM. If your name is on something and they can find you...any money you have is theirs and it is up to you to spend more money to fight it and most likely lose it too!! EVEN THE IRS CAN'T GET AWAY WITH THIS KIND OF THEFT!!!! THINK ABOUT THAT ONE!!!

We know what happened but can't prove it...this guy bought this item KNOWING IT WAS NON STEAL what part(s) out of it he needs to make his work and then return it!! If this guy were to have purchased this item would have possibly went for over $50 THOUSAND NOT a few thousand!!! Pretty good incentive to steal wouldn't you say???? But he isn't content to just settle for the free parts, oh no, this way, he gets his part or parts free, screws my friends(who ONLY sold this because they really needed the money quickly) and he has paypal to help him steal it LEGALLY!!!

This guy bid this thing so high intentionally as to make it a criminal offense to even TRY to keep his money, even tho we did NOTHING wrong, IF HE SO CHOOSES to fight this thing. Laws don't matter, right and wrong don't matter, only what him and paypal want...screw the rest to the world and EVERYONE be damned stopping them either!!!

In the mean time my money and theirs is tied to this and can't resolve any of it. Even going to an attorney won't help as fighting this is in different states.

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