PayPal Account Blocked

At Sep 28, 2011, my paypal account is blocked, saying "Paypal noticed some unusual log in activity with my account. Please check that no one has logged in to your account without your permission." <-- It's non sense because I believe that there's no one using my account, there's no unrecognized transaction. I suggest it is caused by my "Dynamic" IP Address, Is Paypal so dumb so it doesn't know about dynamic IP?
At first, I can try to appeal by sending scan of my ID Card, bank account, envelopes and bla bla bla. Then I realized that my ID Card address and envelop address is a bit different because I'm living in 2 homes.
In my ID Card and bank account, my address is written my home #1 address and the envelop is written my home #2 address which I live there mostly. But the next day I try to correct it, my Paypal account is limited. I suggest the different address is causing my paypal account is limited permanently.
When I'm trying to log in, there's a notification pop up, "This limitation cannot be appealed."
There's a small amount in the account but what make me really disappointed is every time I asked why my account is limited, Paypal just saying that they can't find it. In my assumption, Paypal just could not give a reason why my account is limited and they just close it. It's just so unprofessional.

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