Paypal Will Not Fight Bank Decisions

     All right, so I purchased an iPad 2 when it was released and decided to sell it on eBay, considering the high prices they were selling for overseas due to short supply and high demand. I sold my iPad 2 which I had listed for $999.99 to a buyer in Canada, and shipped the item out the next day via UPS with a tracking number and insurance. The shipping took much longer than expected due to customs, and I constantly checked the tracking daily to see when it would arrive. I find out that UPS had already cleared it through customs, but the buyer kept refusing to take the shipment because of the customs charges, and for this reason they were forced to send the item back to me.

     I contacted the seller repeatedly asking why he had initially rejected shipment, and how I had warned buyers on the listing page of their responsibility for customs charges. He explained to me the situation and asked that I resend it through USPS as a gift. I warned him that USPS does not track once it passes customs and that I would not be liable for the shipment afterwards. He agreed to this, and I provided him the customs receipt with the number that can be checked to see if it cleared customs and continued with shipment into Canada. After contacting the buyer over the course of a week, asking whether he received the shipment, I find out that he filed a "unauthorized charge" with his credit card company which then contacted PayPal and opened a case.

     I provided Paypal with all the evidence including the first tracking number and seconds shipments customs receipt, and explained to them that this transaction was authorized, and that I had repeated messages with the buyer. After viewing the first shipment they closed the case, but a week later they opened the case after the credit card company claimed that it had been returned and made a judgment call and closed the case in their bank's favor (a rule explained to me later by a PayPal rep, claiming that they do not fight bank decisions). Paypal now has been on my back regarding a payment of $999.99 plus a $20.00 fee for something???. I explained to him how the initial case was regarding authorization and not regarding shipment of an item.

     I provided them with all the information regarding the buyer and the messages sent to me by him and his requests, but they refuse to fight my case because they do not reverse bank decisions. Now I am stuck with a large negative balance that I an whatsoever not responsible for. They call me daily, and I keep blocking their number, but they keep switching numbers and harassing a college student who tried to make a profit by selling an iPad. I have no iPad, and have already spent the funds I received. I have no doubt that the buyer received the item, and I tried repeated attempts to contact him, but a day later he unregistered with eBay and closed his email address. Talk about being screwed over and not receiving any seller protection from Paypal.

     I will admit that I made a mistake sending an item without a tracking number the second time, but I had receipts showing proof of shipment and a customs receipt which apparently neither Paypal or the banks even bothered to look at. I canceled all my cards linked to that account and blocked PayPal from accessing any of my bank accounts linked to that account. Now my only fear is that they have my social and will be going after my credit next. PayPal is great when it works, but when you have a problem, run and don't expect any help from PayPal.


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