Paypal Will Get War

Hello, as you see. My account name is Hacking_KING, and I have a suggestion for your guys. You see,
I own this site all about paypal, and since I can see that your guys wonna fuck paypal up just as I am doing it, then what about making a partnership?

     I have a project running, also called "Project War". It's a program that can Hack Paypal accounts and also also add money to accounts with a database hacker. You can call it an all in one program, but also see how new we are at this. I mean, seriously, if we can get this up and running, those people that works for paypal can just fuck their own momma, (sorry the language...) but i mean... gotta say it straight out man!

     Those people wonna fuck with me! Then they will get war! I am assembling this team and trying to hurry things up on my site just like your guys. That's why I am suggesting working together. So if your guys make a link to my site then i will link to your site.

     I hope to hear from your guys soon! The War has begun between Hackers that are in the real world! and bitches at Paypal in the other line.


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