Paypal Violates Own Policies

     I heard about this site, and decided to look it up.  In the past year, I have had problem after problem with pay pal.  I sent money from a savings account.  When the transaction did not go through because I was only allowed up to 3 transactions per month and did not know that, pay pal canceled out the account.  I then tried to pay from another account, put the money in, and they pulled from an account with no money in it, bouncing the account every other day, and I was in Australia unable to get any email to them... and no number to call.  I had to wait to straighten out when I got back.

     After I got back and straightened things out, I found an item on Ebay I wanted to buy so I did.  I went to use my credit card, and pay pal did not even give me a choice how I was going to pay, they just took the funds from the same account that I keep at a zero balance... so guess what, it bounced.  The seller could have canceled out the transaction as I learned later, but did not...

     I then applied and got a pay pal credit card and paid this vendor, cause I could not correct the problem.  The man KEPT my deposit and then took my $711 off my credit card to send me ONE piece of paper and One 44 cent stamp....  He was trying to add on a DOC. FEE of $195.  I called pay pal and told them what happened and that it was not pay of the amount pay pal said was due.  The man was contacted with me on the other end of the line, and he told pay pal that the Doc FEE was to pay for his pay pal and ebay fees. among other costs.. REALLY, that is a violation of Pay Pal, but hey pay pal said I had paid it so it was my resonsibility as the buyer to pay it, and further more it was HOW I paid it.  I was so angry that I found it hard to pay $195... and probably more angry at Pay Pal that they violate their own policies.

     Ebay clearly states that costs are to be incorportated within their network.  People who sell real estate on line are incorportating hidden fees into their auctions or buy nows.. which violate Ebay and Pay Pal rules.  These fees go from  $135. to $399 of additional fees being added on to the final bid... and nothing is done regarding this, which is what this dispute is all about.

     One day I decided to try paying my pay pal credit card on line for the minimum amount of $40....  I had $45. in the account for they to process the transaction.  The transaction bounced twice.. why,  NSF... that could not be, there was $45 in the account.  It was very evident that Pay Pal had tried to take more money that what they were entitle or authorized to take.  It really violated the trust of paying bills on line as well.

     I sent out a check for $40. to Pay Pal, but I did not pay the $150 in question, so one day my account was locked or closed or whatever it was, and I was sent an email saying the account had been sent to NCO Collection Agency.  Well I know that once a bill is sent to a collection agency you are on easy street because they are a unknowing 3rd party.  Good I thought... bring it on.... and this NO REPLY email that I had I sent a message to said "GREAT,  I will be happy to see NCO in court with a note from EBAY saying that the $150 is NOT due"..  A message came back saying, we will get back to you, we will look into it..

     A few weeks later, I called pay pal as I was making out the first of three checks I would be sending them in the next week to get the exact balance and to ask why I had a late charge when pay pal had been paid 3 weeks earlier and they had over drawn an account that was not to be overdrawn.. No, said the operator, we only took $40, and we can fix the late charge for you..  I sent off my payment that day via the mail, and within 3-4 days,  the recording at pay pal said they had gotten my payment but did not mention what credit was available.. so I went to a gas station, put my credit card into the machine, and it was not valid.  I told the operator I was not paying the $150. in question, and further more it had been sent to a collection agency, which to date I have had no correspondence from, but I am waiting.

     This was it, I was going to cut up my card and throw it away.  I broke it up into pieces and as I drove a few miles away, every so often I would throw out another small piece of the credit card from my car window.. it was gone, never to be used again.

     Within a week, the whole balance was paid off, but on the last payment I sent the check for an addition .04 cents.  I did this because I wanted to get a statement from pay pal to the effect that they had received all of my payments, and that I had a balance of 4 cents.. Guess, what,  no statement was sent, and they wrote off MY 4 cents.  If I owed them 4 cents, they would absolutely want it...  they have my 4 cents, that is a misc. business sum not to be returned.

     I am done with pay pal.  I have a business that can generate thousands of dollars each year is credit card sales.  and while I wanted to use pay pal, they are now history.

     My friend then told me about this site when I told her what happened, and now that I have looked it up I thought I would share this story because I nailed Pay Pal with their own admissions....  they are a very very dishonest company, and I am done with them.

     I will have to clean up what other issues they have created, check my credit report to see what pay pal may have stated... the balance has been paid, and I was never late on any payment, other than the one I tried to send electronically.. and that was only a day off..

     NCO... bring it on...  they might owe me money before it is over.  Ebay and Pay Pal worry they are losing customers... they violate them.

     I dont think Ebay gets the quality it used to get, and pay pal may be growing but I am not using them.  Imagine what they do to larger companies?


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