Paypal Victimizes The People

     This is a message I sent PayPal after they limited my account, closed it and will hold my $$$ for 180 days. After a week of selling electronics on eBay, I was receiving large sums of money. They limited my account, and upon giving all the information they wanted, they decided I was a threat. I did nothing wrong. So here is my email to them telling them how I feel.

My message to PayPal.

     I am going to be as objective and polite as I can be here. One you limited my account for reasons you cannot explain. You are being sued for the exact thing you have done to my account. You were sued for the same thing in 2003. I cannot wait to see the results of this lawsuit, your impending loss of customers to other services, and the hopeful integration of Google checkout into eBay. I also foresee a huge migration of sellers to other auction sites. You are licensed only as a money transmitter, but yet you think and believe that you can take the liberty of writing your own rules, or are protected by the federal reserve. You are pathetic and ignorant at best.

     Upon researching your lack of professional conduct, I  endorsed the class action that has been filed against you in may 2011. I also have filed petitions in my local small claims court for the balance of my account, as well as any expenses I incur during the proceedings, and the income that I have lost due to your actions. As an attorney, I will spread word of your lack of integrity in regards to your so called buyer and seller protection policies.

     Personally, I do not care if my small claims proceedings against you cost me the balance of my account or more. I seek out exposing your company irresponsible, childish, and outright non worthy of existence. Your buyer and seller protection policies are contradicted and ultimately become null and void as your TOS and user agreement render these policies null and void. When my associate questioned your policies, you could not pinpoint the reasons for your decisions, and ultimately became upset and irate because he basically, "called you on your shit". I will endorse any action against you in order to force you to change your business practices and will keep my ears to the ground looking for anyone who has been a victim of your practices. I am not threatening you, as these actions have already been put in place. You make your bed, you lie in it.

     Remember, it is the people you victimize that made you money in the first place. You make me sick. I was told that I had to get invoices for the phones I was selling. Sorry to say, but because I have resources to sell quality used electronics on eBay is none of your business. You are just a money transmitter, not god, and cannot dictate what I am selling and for how much. If it was such a problem, why hasn't eBay restricted my account. I think I have said enough. I do not expect a reply, as you and I know you have none. This email will be copied to and

Elizabeth Mills

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