Paypal Unilateral Decision

     I remove a card from Paypal on March 16, 2010, and put as my main card the ones from PayPal I got. Today, I received from Paypal a comunication that they have a chargeback from my first card that is no more in use, from more than one year ago, an amount that was paid 6 months ago. The transaction claim started in August, and I have answered them that there was no sale with that person, and her claim was a fraud.  But they follow ahead.

     I ask myself, how is possible that they get money from a card, without authorization, because the card is no longer in use in the paypal account? The amount of money listed in the transaction, I don't see in the statement card. It is a debit card,so i should see it. They use pishing, hidden transaction, and the information arrived to my paypal account. That is how i found it, because i said where did they take the money? In my pay pal account was almost nothing, so is the paypal card, i don't use it never. 

     Instead my old card is also in movement, but I check every day. They pish, and people don't know, so Pay Pal bank company is a pishing company and is accessing  without authorization in the cards of the people, in a unlateral way decision! in doing this they are damaging the economic possibilities of the right owner of it. The most incredibile thing is that they wrote me that is not in their policy to accept the claims after 3 months of the sale, but I told them also i didn't sale nothing to that person and that was a fraud the claim, just like what they have done.

Please, I need a good lawyer who knows how to deal with PayPal.I live in Italy.

 Riviera Solare


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