Paypal Undermines Personal Freedom

     Well Done to You! It's about time someone exposed the evil PayPal for the racket that they are!  I consider PayPal a danger to personal safety as well as a way of evil authoritarianism undermining personal freedom and free determination of self identity. I have read their old contract and I have always considered this a scandal and I refuse to sign. This is on top of the fact that PayPal can legally steal everyone's money.

     Then later, when PayPal started imposing their puritanical old fashioned political ideas on business, I decided they had got so bad that I wrote about them. You are welcome to view my page about PayPal at (Yes, there's a link to your site too). I'm hoping that you might consider giving me a link, as I'm trying to get decent websites such as yours to link to me.

     We the dissidents of the world need to link to each other. > > Regardless of whether you link to me, Well Done for helping to bring down PayPal! > > Kind Regards, > > Zyra

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