Paypal Tractor Dispute


My name is Cindy, and I am involved in a dispute with a buyer through e-bay. On August 5th I sold a 1948 8n tractor to ereyburn for $2,500.00 for pick up only. I called him the very next day to explain to him I wanted it off my property within 1 week because I was going on Vacation. I did not hear from him until August 15th saying he lost my #. I arrived back from vacation on August 23th and e-mailed him that day with my # and told him to come pick it up. I did not hear from him until SEPTEMBER 29th.

He waited 8 days to return my e-mails about removing his property from my property. And now paypal has a policy in place that after 45 days of a purchase, you no longer can open a dispute, but yet he has been allowed to do so well after the time frame with no proof that he has even contacted me.

I have all of the e-mails to prove what I am saying, and if need to, I will be bringing them to court along with my Lawyer. I called and spoke with a Sarah over the phone on October 7th about this matter with no help at all but to tell me to pay or it will go to collections.

He refused to come and get the tractor within the time I gave him and I even extended my time frame with still no reply.

THANK YOU for your time


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