Paypal Stockpiling Public Money

     I want people to know that now paypal has given the buyer the tools to rip off the seller. First, letter posts cannot be tracked in Canada.  Also, to have it tracked starts at 10.00 and up.  Paypal is making money off of our money that they freeze now for 21 days.  However most don't know that ebay will take their fees regardless of whether the money cleared or not.  This can allow ebay to hit your bank account and get a NSF once buypassing a credit card that may have insuficient funds or not be on file. 

Second, if you ship a letter post and the money is not cleared, you will have to go pay for the item shipping. Then, if they say they don't like the item, you must pay again to ship it back.  Ironically, they don't hold all of the money,  only the large deposits sent,  the ones they can make money off of. 

Also, if you have too much money frozen in the account, and then they release it, and you make the mistake of transfering over 1k to your bank,  they will contact the tax man.  Enjoy the service of being given no seller rights and losing money off of their stockpiling of public money.  ;)



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