Paypal Sent Me To Collections

I sold and item to a person through paypal. The buyer is in another state which is Utah. Well after selling the items, and I checked to see that they arrived at the location do to having a tracking number and insurance. I waited to see if anything was wrong, nothing was wrong, the buyer has my personal email and cellphone number. 15 days go by, and I get a call from paypal saying I had a negative $2100+ amount on my paypal account and I was sent to collections. After trying to negotiate with them telling them that I would pay them back once the art was sent back to me in the same condition I sent them, I would resell them and pay them back. I currently had no money, I used the money I made from them to pay some bills. Paypal responded to me telling me since I didn't respond the email they sent me with in 10 days of the complaint they automatically went with the buyers complaint and returned his money and where contacting me through the phone now because they had sent me to collections.

They advised me to contact the buyer and get them back, I emailed the buyer and then called the buyer after multiple attempts finally got a hold of him. He agreed to send them back. Well he sent them back uninsured and with no tracking number. I waited for 30 days since they where sent through slowest mail possible and uninsured. I contacted USPS since that's where they sent it through and they said they never received such item at the buckeye location.

After all that has gone through Ive been trying to contact the buyer and now I get no answer from any form of communication through email or phone. Ive left messages and Ive gotten no answer. Now I'm stuck with no art and paypal calling me from collections. I believe this is an unethical issue do to the fact the buyer knew what he was doing, benefiting for himself at the end deceiving paypal and myself.

After I keep explaining my situation to paypal they do not understand the situation and keep calling me and calling me and telling me the same thing over and over, " you have a negative and a hold on your paypal account we would like for you to pay" and I explain the situation, that how can they just give away the money to the buyer and not contacting me through a phone call before doing it, and only doing so through email before it went to collections but they call me after its sent to collections. Also how can they take away money from paypal account without acknowledging if i have gotten the items back in the same condition I sent them or if any items at all.

What is the advice you would have for me? Should i put a complaint form towards paypal, the buyer or both?

Thank you,


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