Paypal Robbing Us Blind

     My name is Joshua D. Kral. I'm 21 years old and started a small business. Irecently started selling on EBAY and used PayPal for my transfer of funds. It turns out that they froze my money on 05/15/2011 for no reason. Now they want me to prove my social security number/supplier receipts/descriptions of All products sold/and my vendors name and telephone number.

     Just when all my sales were going well and I was begin to make money, they stole it and say it can be held for 180 days. So, what I did was refund all my sales, and now I'm trying to figure out another payment alternative.

     I still have like 2000.00 in sales sitting as we speak. I did sign up with and was approved; however, I don't know the anticipated time frame and hopefully will be able to use like ASAP! I tell ya, I trusted that PayPal, but now I can clearly see they are the real criminals. They act like they are protecting the public, which in fact there robbing them blind. The same thing happened to my father, sister and mother in the last month. I'm filing a complaint with the better business bureau and gonna take them to court.

     Thank you for helping the community and people like myself because without your website, I would have been at a total loss. Now I have a better understanding but am still confused about the process and how long it will take to be up and running. Pay Pal really inconvenienced my business and my customers.

     If there is a lawsuit list PLEASE AD MY NAME: Joshua D. Kral! This corporation needs to be brought to justice once and for all. God bless there souls.

Joshua D. Kral

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