Paypal Ripped Me Off

     My house was flooded in the Queensland floods in January. Friends set up a website and paypal account to donate money so I could have my house repaired and replace a few things. $2,800 was raised, all from people who know me through a garden society, but Paypal has just had me running around in circles to get the money, providing the same very personal information over and over, making calls to offshore places and getting nowhere.

     I am disabled and had to replace all my appliances and wheelchair too on borrowed money, and now I am struggling to repay it. WHY ? Paypal has had my money for nearly 5  months, but as they don't have a direct number or an office in this country, that I can find, then it appears that I have been ripped off right when I could least afford to be.

Robyn Creighton-Hurst


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