Paypal Overdrew My Account

     Payment due to vendor for $1,800.00.  Accepted 1036.13, to my PayPal account, then authorized PP to take $763.86 from my WFB account.  PP took the 1036.13 plus the $763.86 and sent to vendor.  Then went in and took another $1,800.00 from my WFB account without any authorization from me! It is now overdrawn by $2,500.00.  Called PayPal and all they could say was "take it up with your bank" 

     I will never never never use Paypal again and I will let the world know not to use Paypal again. I will not work with any vendor that wants me to do PayPal.  Contacting BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU, ATTORNEY GENERAL'S OFFICE. The good thing is the person I spoke to at the Atty General's Office said they have an open investigation due to all the compliants they have received and they will be contacting me.

     I tried to cancel PP account, but they will not let me due to transaction pending!!!  In the mean time PP gets to keep my 1800.00, until my bank rejects this UNAUTHORIZED PAYMENT!!!  (8-10 days).  Yeah the banks suck too. They can take your money immediately with no problem but they can't give it back immediately. I can see why they make so much money with the BS policy!!! 

     How many people do they do this to?  So my account sits negative, and I can't take any money out. . . NO FOOD, NO GAS, NO LIFE.  Going back to mailing checks!!  Technology like this SUCKS!!

 Lori Guibor



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