Paypal Opened Account For Me

     After selling an item on EBAY, the buyer followed prompts to pay me via PayPal. Problem being - i've never had nor will I ever have a PayPal account. So where did his money go? Oh - wow - PayPal took it upon themselves to create an account for ME! And then chose to accept a payment on my behalf, and then charged me for that transaction! Hell i'm peeved, so peeved! And yes - i'm going to be utterly mad hatter like, and post this where ever I possibly can!

Dear Jenita Ferreira,

Thank you for contacting PayPal.

     If you have sold an item in eBay, the only way for you to get the money is by using PayPal. You will not be able to claim the money without creating a PayPal account. This is because eBay is only using PayPal to process payments.

     Moreover, eBay is only an "Auction Site" in which sellers can list items in their website. When a buyer pays, they pay using PayPal because PayPal provides buyer and seller protection.

     Even if you do not have a PayPal account yet, the buyers can pay to the email address you have used when you created the listing in eBay. Once the buyers paid you, you will need to open a PayPal account to claim the funds.

     Records indicate that you created this PayPal account on the 10th of April 2010.

     Moving forward to the fees which you incurred, PayPal charges a receiving fee of 3.4% of the total amount plus 20p. This applies every time you receive commercial payment.

     From reviewing your account, it also shows that on the 13th of March 2011 you received a payment for the amount of £100.00 GBP. Since PayPal charged you a receiving fee of £3.60 GBP , £96.40 GBP was placed in your PayPal balance.

     You can transfer the funds of £96.40 GBP to your bank account or use it for online payments. It is not possible to transfer it to a card.

To withdraw funds to a UK bank account:

     1. Log in to your PayPal account at
     2. Click 'Withdraw' at the top of the page.
     3. Click 'Withdraw GBP faster to your bank account' or 'Withdraw funds to your bank account. The faster withdrawal option offers a quicker service (complete in 1-2 working days) includes a fee of £5.00 per withdrawal, Regular withdrawals (complete in 2-3 working days) to banks in either the UK or US are free of charge
     4. Enter the amount to withdraw and choose the correct bank account then click 'Continue'.
     5. Review the details before completing . For 'Faster Withdrawals' enter the 'Wire sort code' in the required field
     6. Click 'Submit'.

     Faster withdrawal of funds can only be used to withdraw funds to a UK Bank account.

     Please make sure your bank account information is correct before attempting to withdraw funds from your PayPal account. For example, if your name is James Patrick Smith, but your bank account is in the name of 'J P Smith,' you would need to enter 'J P' as your first name when adding the bank account.

There is a minimum withdrawal amount of £6 For other currencies minimum withdrawal, click the 'minimum withdrawal amount' link on the 'Withdraw Funds by Electronic Transfer' page (step 4 above)
 If your attempt to withdraw funds fails, we may charge a fee of 50p in the UK to cover the costs of the returned bank withdrawal. Additional bank fees may also apply. Please contact your bank for details
Your bank account must be denominated in your local currency (British Pounds) for your withdrawals to be successful

However, should you wish still not to have any fees and do not want to use PayPal and want to close it down, it is your option to refund the money that the buyer had paid you. Once this is done, you can communicate to your buyer and make an arrangement on how your buyer can pay you using other  means.

You can issue a full refund or partial refund up to 60 days after you receive a payment.

Here's how to refund a payment:

1. Go to and log in to your account.
2. Click 'History' near the top of the page.
3. Click 'Details' next to the payment you want to refund.
4. Click 'Issue a refund.'
5. For 'Refund amount,' enter the amount to you want to refund, then click 'Continue.'
6. Review the information, then click 'Issue Refund.'


* You can refund a payment when its status is 'Completed,' Pending,' 'Cleared,' or 'Uncleared.'
* When you refund a payment, we refund your original transaction fees.
* The refund is paid from your PayPal account balance. If you don't have enough money in your PayPal balance to cover the payment, we use another type of confirmed payment method.

I have also provided the steps below on how you can close down this PayPal account.

Here's how to close your PayPal account:

Log into your PayPal account at
Click 'Profile' near the top of the page.
 Click the 'Close Account' link located under 'Account Information' and follow the instructions. (Don't see this step? Follow the instructions below.)

Log into your PayPal account at
Click 'Profile' near the top of the page.
Select 'My Settings'.
In the 'Account Type' section, click 'Close account' and follow the instructions.
We may ask you to confirm ownership of the account before it is closed.

When you close your account, the following actions occur:

 Your remaining PayPal balance converts to your primary bank account's currency when you transfer the balance to your bank account.
Any unpaid money requests are automatically cancelled.
You forfeit any unused redemption codes or coupons.

     Wow, that was the most ridiculous email i've ever read! And I intend to publish it online! What do you mean that you HAVE to have a paypal account in order to use EBAY - what a load of rubbish. I've used ebay for a while, and i've never recieved payment through paypal before, as people are happy to pay via BACS. You can also mark off the item as 'paid' without using paypal.

     I am just scandalized that you think that you are the neccessary and only forum to pay for goods online and I choose not to tolerate it I will also email EBAY and explain  this predicament, and it is also up to them to work this out and make sure that users like me are not forced into corners with corporates like you!

     I am really really reall upset, and and you can bet your sweet melon that i'll be ranting about this. I am even more irritated with your reply of several methods to 'solve this problem' that would all require my valuable time and attention as opposed to PayPal doing anything that would require customer service!
You can be darn well certain that i'll cancel this account the first opportunity I have!


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